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I was assured... basically GUARANTEED that a floor basket arrangement would arrive ON TIME to my GRANDFATHER'S funeral service. I have the screen shots of the conversation I had with the customer service rep to prove it (I attached part of one).

However, nearly two hours after the service, I received a phone call and email letting me know that the flowers were not able to be delivered on time. They offered to send them to a home.

NO! I did not want them sent to a home. If I wanted them sent to a home, I would have originally had them sent to a home! Those flowers were to adorn the area around the casket. They are a final thought, gift, and farewell to the departed.

PLEASE do not make promises that you are not sure can be kept, especially for such important occasions, during MOURNFUL times.

I did not enter an amount for "Value of your loss" because this is NOT something a price tag can be placed on.

This was an unpleasant introductory experience with 1800Flowers, and will NOT soon be forgotten.

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Tina Flowers

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the issue you have posted.Please email me at: with: your name, the recipient’s name and the delivery date of your order.

Please also include an email address and a contact phone number where you can be reached. Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you and resolving this for you promptly.- Tina Flowers

to Tina Flowers Brussel, Brussel, Belgium #913547

Dearest Tina,

Saying that you are sorry doesn't make it so.

Cordially, A Friend

to A. Friend College Park, Maryland, United States #941484

Dear "A.Friend,"

What the ____ do you expect Tina to do???

She is doing her J-O-B!!! Would you rather her not do anything at ALL to rectify the situation? Or should she deny the claim, say she can't help and leave the customer wondering why they even bothered to file a complaint in the first place? And NO, I don't know Tina, not am I an employee or owner of 1-800-FLOWERS.

But, I DO work in customer service and it is people like YOU who are less interested in trying to get the problem resolved and MORE focused on perpetuating bad customer relations. I think that you need to think about your life. What are you REALLY angry about? Get down to the root cause of what's troubling you and fix THAT.

Customer service is one of the most difficult jobs there is - mainly because of people like you.

Okay, good talk.Have a great day!

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