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I ordered flowers for Mothers Day 5/7 and they STILL are not delivered on 5/11. Intially they said they would be delivered on 5/7 or on 5/8 no later than noon.

I called 5 times on mothers day and got the run around about their vendors. They no doubt are using low grade vendors than cannot keep their commitments. This is no doubt the worst on-line experience I have had. Have used ProFlowers many times without incident.

Just flat horrendous service. I just cancelled my order.

We will see how that goes. You have been warned.

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We also had a bad experience with Pro Flowers ... the roses were expired...they just looked like a bunch of garbage.

My husband was so disappointed with the whole thing.

This year we bought roses for our local HEB grocery store...they lasted over a week and were beautiful! Even smelled nice.


Last time I ordered for a special someone...I got flowers fit for a funeral.


Call your local florist to deliver your flowers. 800 flowers and pro flower are not brick and mortar stores, they skim 30% of the total price of your order and call it to florist near your delivery location.

The florist they send it to takes another 25 to 30%. It's a scam that makes they millions and screws the you the customer.

Support local business, go to your local little league field and support the businesses that are on the uniforms on the players. They are the people who deserve your business.

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