Good eveining,

I am contacting you regarding an order# W010057****8568. The FedEx (177202****67) status updated showed an attempt at delivery on 3/20/2021.

Therefore, I contacted 1800FLOWERS ON 3/20/2021 at approximately 7:15pm central standard time. The customer service representative for 1800FLOWERS stated her name was Christina. I provided Christina with my order number. Christina asked me to verify the recipient.

Christina asked me to verify who placed the order. Christina asked me to verify the delivery date. After which I made a comment did you want the product number or the FedEx tracking number. At this point, I hear multiple people in the background of the call laugh out loud.

Then the line disconnected. I called 180FLOWERS back. The 1800FLOWERS customer service representative came on the line and stated her names was Bianca (at this point it sounded like the same customer service representative Christina). I request to speak with the supervisor because I need to report Christina and the customer service representative Bianca discounted the line.

I am furious and totally dissatisfied as a customer. I call 1800FLOWERS back for the THIRD time. The customer service representative Marjorie Ensomo connected on the line. I requested to speak with a supervisor again because I have received horrible customer service.

Marjorie placed me on hold multiple times. Marjorie persisted in requesting my order number. I provided her with the order number. Once again, I had to verify all the information over again.

After the information was verified. I explained to Marjorie the customer service representative that 1800FLOWERS failed to get the product to the recipient. In addition, a Monday deliver would not be feasible due to the individual would no longer be at the location. Moreover, 1800FLOWERS allowed the customer service representative Christina and Bianca to work from home in order to be employed with them and they treat their customers in this manner is pathetic.

I am absolutely disgusted in their actions to disconnect the line. I feel as though Christina and Bianca are the same persons who disconnected the line.

1800FLOWERS failed to provide the service I paid for and failed to train their customer service representative.

Marjorie Ensomo the customer service representative apologized multiple times for the previous representatives actions. Marjorie offered a full refund, $20 savings, and a dozen of roses. Marjorie was attempting to make the situation better but a million dollars can not get back time and a special occasion.

Out of all the Florist/ Flower Delivery services, I chose 1800FLOWERS. 1800FLOWERS failed to deliver a smile to me or the recipient.

And to my dismay, 1800FLOWERS ended their email with Thanks for letting us help you deliver a smile. We look forward to helping you send another one real soon!

I am so disappointed with 1800FLOWERS and with the customer service representatives Christina and Bianca.

Location: Brownsville, Texas

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