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Update by user Mar 01, 2013

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:? I thought that I would give online flower shopping another chance because my first experience was really bad.

The first company was Proflowers and I had ordered a bamboo plant in the shape of a heart that came with fortune cookies and a panda bear. Everything else was fine with the order besides the plant which was dead. The bamboo was mushy and it had a really bad odor to it. I called Proflowers about the incident and asked if they could send out another one but they said "sorry," not out problem.

I even asked for a partial refund and they said "sorry." All they could do was to give a discount towards my next purchase. Yeah like I would ever order from them again.

My next incident was just recently with 1-800-FLOWERS. I made sure to get on and order in time before prices went up and to reserve my shipping so everything would be perfect.

I ordered on February 1, 2013 and the item was an Azalea Bonsai Tree. It cost about $103+ after taxes and shipping but it was guaranteed for the 14th of February. I was happy and had one thing knocked off my list to do. Well that day I thought it would be delivered before I got home and kept checking the UPS website.

I was thinking since it was the holidays that it was the reason why my package had not been updated at all. It did not even say it was shipped. I thought nothing of it until 7:00 p.m. that night...that is the latest UPS will ship and we were heading out to dinner also.

I tried calling 1-800 FLOWERS all day the next day over 7 times with no answer. Their automated machine kept hanging up on me. The bad thing is I talked to a real person after I ordered my plant for my wife and they said it would be shipped and at our door on the 14th of February. Now fast forward to the 20th and I finally get a hold of someone who said they cannot refund the money but would send them our right away.

I told them that now it kind of defeats the purpose. I got a partial refund finally and they did send out the bonsai tree but by the time I got it the rocks from the base were falling out of the packaging and the plant was dead and the leaves were falling out too! They said that they 2nd Air shipped the plant but it took over 10 days to get to me. This is to let everyone know to be weary with these promises that the company makes on how good their products can be.

Looks nothing like the pictures and my plant was dead. I would like to have at least the Juniper Bonsai as a replacement. I am very disappointed because I still paid $50.00 after the discount from them and still got a dead plant.

Thanks for nothing 1-800-FLOWERS for sending DEAD plants and DEAD flowers to people's loved ones! :cry

Monetary Loss: $105.

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Tina Flowers

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the issue you have posted.  Please email me at: with: your name, the recipients name and the delivery date of your order.  Please also include an email address and a contact phone number where you can be reached. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you and resolving this for you promptly.  - Tina Flowers

Tina Flowers

Hello Pongdadong,

I am so sorry about the issues with your order. Can you please email us at with your order number and your phone number so that we can call you and resolve this issue.

Thank you so much

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