i ordered two different arrangements one to go to my daughter in Arizona and one to go to a good friend in California

when i saw the order when i double-check (because i did not get a email to tell me they receive the order and show me the flowers and price and who it was going to i got worried)

i saw and seemed as both arrangement were going to Arizona

now, try to call and try to get someone that speaks English?, and i think that was the problem with it all, none of them did what i wanted even after they told me they corrected and i go check again and still is not corrected, i saw my daughter name under it c/o the recipient, the only name i saw under it was the billing person me, i was paying but it seems as my daughter sent this to my girlfriend

and i called again and was told it was corrected i asked for confirmation email and again was not right, and again and again and this is also between emails to them, chat room and phone calls, and if they ever get the gift, it will not show i send it! so i had to call my daughter Vicki, which she should get hers by the 23rd (it is also her birthday), and told to keep an eye on and let me know, and it ruined my surprise to her, she wanted to know if it was a pkg or a card and i did not tell her because i still want to surprise her, i hope she gets them, i paid for it already,

the other things i am getting charged for this three times and the only thing i see i own them is $108.61 for Vickis flowers, the other two which is $132.51 and $126.38 not sure where they got it from, i was told they would refund the $126.38 which i do not have proof of, the $132.

51 is a mistery, and they refuse to refund that

if my girlfriend still get her flowers i would be willing to pay for it, but i really feel they own me that, but if she finally gets it i will pay but i will not pay all those extra charges, my girlfriend flowers were $49.99 i still do not see where they got the amounts charged to my bank that money is in their pockets

i did call my bank and told them i wanted to dispute the charges, i be willing to pay for my daughter flowers if she gets it, this item is already taken out of my bank account

i think the problem is they have people from all over china india you name it, that they hire to do this, but they are not good enough to really understand what issues i was having and the more i called the more mistakes they made,

i emailed to talk so a supervisor and got two email and they told me to call?

and i did and the person on the other side was impossible to understand i finally got so upset i slammed the phone down, i was at the end of my rope by now, imagine three days to make sure two people gets what i ordered and still i feel my daughter will not get her gift, they need to have better people on the line and people that understand what they are doing, the only thing you hear " iam sorry i be happy to help you, so sorry and that is it, and when i look at the order still hey will not know who sent it, they just did not understand the issue

because they still did not correct it, it still shows my daughter is sending flowers to my friend

i know i will not order from them any more, i feel sad because when the two guys that started this company years ago i was one of the first costumers they had but, now it has grown like every thing else and now they screwing up

one time they did not send me my 80 birthday flowers my daughter send me, and they send me another one for free, now? did not even try to do that or even forfeit shipping or any help at all, at one time it was not like this

any ways!!!!!!!

i hope they go back to the wa they were and hire English speaking people

User's recommendation: no go to local florist they cant afford to make mistakes.

Location: La Quinta, California

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