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Ordered flowers for a friend having surgery, the day before she went in. She'll only be there overnight, so needed them delivered on the day of surgery.

Order went fine - ordered an a-dog-able bouquet which includes white mums in the shape of a dog (looks like my dog). Got a call in the middle of the day of surgery - "we don't have white mums, can we use pink?" "No, you can't use pink. My dog is white. I sent the flowers from my dog and I.

The flowers need to be white." "What?" "No, the flowers cannot be pink. They must be white." "But, sir, we do not have white flowers." "Then find some." "Can we use (unintelligible)?" "Are they white? (me getting very frustrated)" "They are very nice." "OK, whatever. Just get them done and delivered, please."

Hour later, phone rings.

"We cannot deliver the flowers today, can we deliver them tomorrow?" "No." "Sorry?" "No, you cannot deliver them tomorrow. They must be delivered today. My friend is not in the hospital tomorrow. I ordered them for next day delivery.

I need them done today." "But they cannot get them done today." "Then call someone else and get them done today." "Sir, I will call them and call you back." "Fine."

Four Hours later, nothing. So, I called them. "I'm sorry, but we cannot deliver them today. We will deliver them tomorrow." "No." "What?" "I said, 'No.' I did not order them for tomorrow.

I ordered them for today. And now it is too damned late for me to order them from anyone else. Had your agent called me back to tell me that they could not get them done, I could have ordered them myself, elsewhere. But now, I'm screwed because I trusted your agent to either get them done or call me back.

But she did neither. So refund my purchase and get me a supervisor." Hold for 20 minutes. "My supervisor will call you back in six minutes." It's been ten. I don't really expect a call back.

I don't really expect anything from these people. And they damned well better refund my purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: 1800flowers Flowers.

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