If there was an option for me to leave ZERO stars I would. A friend of mine experienced a tragic loss, I had an arrangement sent to her.

First, she and I get an notification that the flowers were delivered at her door. She goes, no flowers. I have her walk around her apartment complex because ??? So, I call 1800 flowers, representative states there may have been a glitch in the system and an email was mistakenly sent stating delivered.

So she then goes, I can have it issued tomorrow which totally angered me because I specifically wanted it delivered the day I ordered it for. My friend calls me late that night saying they ended up delivering the flowers but they were DEAD! So at this point Im totally done. I call 1800 flowers requesting my money back.

The representative gave me such a hard time but eventually processed the refund. Now its Saturday and my friend calls me and says they just delivered ANOTHER flower arrangement to her home, which I specifically told them I did not want them to do. FWDNow its Sunday and they just called my friend stating they are coming to pick up BOTH arrangements. DEAD flowers and the new ones.

This is a girl thats grieving. They are HORRIBle.

I will never spend another dime with them. Save your money!

User's recommendation: Go elsewhere.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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